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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Estimated time % Done
2063 LeechCraft Bug New Normal Fails to build with Qt5

2062 LeechCraft Bug Resolved Normal Version 0.6.70 fails to build with libtorrent-rasterbar-1.1.10 LeechCraft - 0.6.75

2059 LeechCraft Bug New Normal Сегфолт, возможно, в азоте. 0xd34df00d Core

2058 LeechCraft Feature Accepted Normal no Arch Linux AUE ebuilds! Core LeechCraft - 0.7.0

2050 LeechCraft Bug Assigned Normal Incorrect IRC connection settings causing infinite IRC retries Magog Plugins: Azoth Acetamide LeechCraft - 0.6.75

2035 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Customizable collection representation 0xd34df00d Plugins: LMP LeechCraft - 0.6.75 15.00

2029 LeechCraft Support New Normal Automated builds for Windows ForNeVeR Windows

2026 LeechCraft Bug Assigned Normal Clear current track when it's removed from the playlist 0xd34df00d Plugins: LMP LeechCraft - 0.6.75

2023 LeechCraft Feature Accepted Normal Hiding columns 0xd34df00d Plugins: BitTorrent LeechCraft - 0.6.75

2022 LeechCraft Feature Accepted Low Saving columns order 0xd34df00d Plugins: BitTorrent LeechCraft - 0.6.75

2019 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Support autodownloading links 0xd34df00d Plugins: Aggregator LeechCraft - 0.6.75

2017 LeechCraft Bug New Normal [Murm] Only outgoing messages are displayed in history fetched from the server 0xd34df00d Plugins: Azoth

1992 LeechCraft Feature Resolved Normal Восстановление поврежденных бд приложения 0xd34df00d Overall LeechCraft - 0.6.75 20.00

1990 LeechCraft Support Resolved Normal New Mac OS X build 0xd34df00d Overall LeechCraft - 0.6.75 5.00

1967 LeechCraft Bug Reopened Normal Отсылает статус печати бесконечно 0xd34df00d Plugins: Azoth

1949 LeechCraft Feature New Low [Xtazy] список разрешенных плеееров 0xd34df00d

1948 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Common issues reporting framework 0xd34df00d Overall LeechCraft - 0.6.80

1943 LeechCraft Bug New Low Strange image view in Windows installer ForNeVeR Windows

1940 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Telegram 0xd34df00d Plugins: Azoth LeechCraft - 0.6.80

1926 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Delayed tabs loading 0xd34df00d Plugins: Poshuku LeechCraft - 0.6.80

1925 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Implement XEP-0191 0xd34df00d Plugins: Azoth LeechCraft - 0.6.80

1923 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Don't show any notification if "Do not distrub" state was set 0xd34df00d Plugins: Azoth LeechCraft - 0.6.80

1913 LeechCraft Feature New Normal Перезапуск задач 0xd34df00d Plugins: CSTP

1894 LeechCraft Feature Assigned Normal Поддержка systemd/logind 0xd34df00d Plugins: Liznoo LeechCraft - 0.6.75

1892 LeechCraft Feature New Normal Норм структуру вики с переводами 0xd34df00d Website

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