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Automated builds for Windows

Added by ForNeVeR about 5 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Alright, we finally need to create a script set for automatic build of LeechCraft on Windows. Here's the current plan:

1. Create a script that will locally install Boost and Qt to Windows machine.
2. Build some of the subprojects (mainly Core) with the minimal library set.
3. Set up some public build service (probably Appveyor) to build the new commits automatically, and issue someone to fix the build problems on the fly.


Updated by ForNeVeR about 5 years ago

Currently investigating two build systems/package managers to download and install the libraries: and vcpkg. See the corresponding feature branches in my fork on GitHub.


Updated by 0xd34df00d about 5 years ago

Might be worth reaching to AlexWMF since he's already has some MSYS2-based setup on one of our build hosts.


Updated by 0xd34df00d over 4 years ago

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Updated by 0xd34df00d over 2 years ago

How's it going?


Updated by ForNeVeR over 2 years ago

Barely. Last time I checked (about a year ago), LeechCraft required a deprecated QtWebKit that is extremely hard to build (because the whole process is shitty and undocumented).

Currently I think that we can proceed only if the QtWebKit requirement is removed (or if Qt guys undeprecate QtWebKit).


Updated by 0xd34df00d over 2 years ago

Yeah, I had similar issues when trying to make a build for OS X — and although I managed to build QtWebkit, I failed at properly packaging it along with LC. So, supporting building without QtWebkit is planned, but it will probably take a bit of effort.

Moreover, I'm not sure that, say, Azoth actually needs the full-blown QtWebEngine for something as simple as Adium styles. Also note that msys2 seemingly has qtwebkit: , though I don't know how good msys2 is for making LC Windows packages. It just seems like it's the repo with the most dependencies readily available.

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