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ChangeLog 0.3.70

Please note that this milestone is work-in-progress so this changelog is to be updated. The contents here are as for May 22, 2010.

New features


  • Moved library detection logic into corresponding plugins' CMakeLists.txt, each plugin can now be built separately and third-party plugin development is easier now.
  • Install LeechCraft headers into include/leechcraft.
  • Introduced some files for split build.
  • Glance view.
  • New notifications architecture.
  • FlatToFoldersProxyModel.
  • Added ITagsManager::GetAllTags().
  • "Select all" and "select none" buttons in CategorySelector.
  • Plugin Manager is now in app-wide settings dialog.
  • gotEntity and the handler chooser behavior change.
  • Util::MakeAbsoluteURL.
  • Removed RPATH tricks.
  • -no-app-catch command-line switch that disables exceptions handling in QApplication::notify.
  • Icons for error, information and warning.
  • SkinEngine::GetIconPath().
  • Register QIODevice* so that it can be used in signals/slots.
  • New tab on doubleclick.
  • Added IWebWidget::SetNavBarVisible() and support it in Util::SelectableBrowser.
  • Option for smarter tab width.
  • Better tab menu with support for tab bar actions from plugins.
  • "Actions" submenu in the main menu.
  • Added IMultiTabsWidget::ParentMultiTabs().
  • Option for toolbar icon size.
  • "Apply" button in options.
  • Pop up the New tab menu when current tab doesn't support multiple tabs.
  • Allow to get the plugin path having its QObject*.
  • Removed LeechCraft::Notification, use Entities with MIME "x-leechcraft/notification" for notifications from now on.
  • Support basic/advanced startup wizard pages and modes.
  • Right mouse click on free space on the tabbar brings new tab menu.
  • Close tab on middle button click.


  • Use FlatToFoldersProxyModel.
  • Allow to hide navigation bar for the embedded web widget.
  • Show whole folder's contents when in Folders mode and a folder is selected.
  • Show number of news items in settings.
  • Control when to notify the user about new/updated items.
  • Storage settings only in Advanced mode.
  • "Show as tape" button as a button.


  • New plugin for auto screenshooting.


  • Allow to disable Peer ID override.
  • Initial Live Streaming support.
  • Save DHT state on shutdown for faster and better DHT startups.
  • NAT-PMP, LSD & UPnP are optional but enabled by default.
  • Notify about finished torrent generation.
  • Allow to add the newly created torrent.
  • "Destination" field is a link now.
  • Allow to edit trackers by placing a button near label with current tracker.
  • Better trackers changer GUI.
  • BitTorrent is an EntityHandler now.
  • Notification about failure to add task due to file size is optional now.
  • Extensions are optional now.
  • Ask about removing the files when removing the torrent.
  • Option for full allocation mode.
  • Change trackers on multiple torrents.


  • Added tooltips.
  • Embedding in tab bar.
  • General improvements.


  • Enhanced interface, including Tasks.
  • Start DBus daemon on Win32.
  • Compatibility with org.freedesktop.Notifications. Breaks KDE ≤ 4.3.
  • Support actions in notifications.


  • Added EiskaltDC++ as a plugin for LeechCraft (damn experimental for now).


  • New plugin for fancy notifications based on Qt Kinetic project.


  • Display metadata where possible.
  • Buttons to toggle pause and full screen.
  • Volume up/down in context menu.
  • Implemented IMediaPlayer and changed lots of stuff because of that.
  • Consider FromUserInitiated flag.
  • Hide mouse in fullscreen.
  • Exit fullscreen mode when playback finished.
  • Support QIODevice*.


  • Handle DELETE operations.


  • Show sidebar on each page.
  • Changing encodings.
  • Option to autoclose delegated empty pages.
  • Save/load page history in session.
  • DNS prefetching.
  • Offline web application cache.
  • Font/graphics antialiasing.
  • Support for clearing icons DB and in-memory cache.
  • Support multiple plugins per each MIME.
  • about:plugins page.
  • Added IFlashOverrider plugin.
  • Use FlatToFoldersProxyModel.
  • Try to detect links to Atom/RSS feeds and allow to subscribe to them in context menu.
  • Show error code in error page.
  • Allow to build with Webkit from trunk.
  • Home page stub.
  • Highlight search results.
  • "Open" action in notifications.
  • F6 to navigate to the URL line edit.

Poshuku CleanWeb

  • Manual blocking via right-click on an image.
  • Implement IFlashOverrider.
  • Allow to add subscriptions from settings.
  • Suggest some commonly used subscriptions in startup wizard.
  • Hide blocked elements.

Poshuku WYFV

  • New plugin, allows to use any media player like [[LMP]] to watch video without Flash installed.


  • New plugin for Python support.


  • Allow to hide navigation bar for the embedded web widget.


  • New plugin, refactored from what was Summary tab in Core. Now uses the search MIME: x-leechcraft/category-search-request.
  • Moved Search stuff to a separate dock widget.
  • AND/OR searchers, not the results.
  • Context-dependent names for tabs.


  • New plugin for grouping tabs and generally better tabs management.


  • Added script to easily generate plugin stubs.



  • Renamed resources.qrc to avoid clashes on, for example, Gentoo.
  • Parented messageboxes everywhere.
  • Use LC's notifications system to notify about errors whenever possible.
  • Optimized code which merges different models. Should sometimes be twice as fast.


  • Actions menu has a name now.
  • Save toolbar positions.
  • Return unique categories from CoreProxy::GetSearchCategories().
  • Respect lib64 compile-time option when loading plugins.
  • Fixed multiple-instance detection code, now always work correctly.
  • Disable window updates on startup to start faster.
  • More checks for null/destroyed models in MergeModel. Fixes a couple of crashes.
  • Severely optimized CategorySelector.
  • Refactored Notification System.
  • TagsLineEdit won't intercept shortcuts anymore.
  • Fixed completion of tags with multiple words.
  • Correctly show toolbar for the very first tab.
  • Emit tagsChosen with the tag chosen from completion/selecor.
  • Fixed completing first item in the list.
  • Use correct locale in XmlSettingsDialog.
  • Better Util::GetLocale behavior.
  • Small Windows-related fixes.
  • Fixed memory leak in translator installation: if translation loading failed, delete the object.
  • Support default=true/false attrs for checkable items.
  • Better adaptors support to handle those from IPluginAdaptor everywhere.
  • Load plugins with ExportExternalSymbolsHint.
  • Show plugins description instead of filename and wrap long rows.
  • MergeModel is more failsafe now — detect when underlying source models are destroyed.
  • Theme path search fix.
  • Properly parent the TabContainer.
  • Swap tooltip widgets when swapping tabs.
  • Fixed segfault on non-multitabs tabs.
  • Better Util::TreeItem interface.
  • Show menu on action trigger as well.
  • Hopefully fixed SSL dialog crashes.
  • Fixed segfaults when there are no tabs.
  • Slightly changed initialization order for plugins with tabs.
  • LANG detection fix.
  • Fixed some tabs not restoring.
  • Refactored XmlSettingsDialogs.
  • Hide window on exit immediately.
  • Fixed multiple Glance instances showing up.
  • Fixed tab names desync when opening tabs next to current is enabled.
  • Full screen Glance view.
  • Some SSL errors dialog fixes.
  • Show only "Entity" fiels for the common job adder.
  • Renamed DownloadEntity to Entity.


  • Fixed channels with empty links.
  • Better error logging.
  • Release/Cleanup fixes.
  • Remember "Hide read" state.
  • Severely optimized feeds with categories.
  • Severely optimized ItemsFilterModel.
  • Extremely optimized feeds updates especially if we already have a lot of items locally in that feed. Less disk activity, less DB pressure, less comparisons, a whole lot faster and smoother stuff.
  • Style fixes.
  • Fully separated Summary views and Aggregator's own tab views.
  • Fixed segfaults on exit.
  • Correctly handle foreign tasks.
  • Correctly trim by number: remove excessive items only from the channel where they are excessive.
  • Correcly handle RSS 2.0 feeds with no dates.
  • Better user notifications.
  • Fixed that after addition feeds are unviewable until restart.
  • SettingsSink has a parent now.
  • Merged Link and Title into one hyperlink in ItemsWidget.
  • Fixed out-of-sync selections.
  • Enable/disable mark/add to item bucket actions when no items are selected.
  • Generate better fb2 exports.
  • Show RSS icon for iconless channels.
  • Properly filter in merge mode.
  • Better handling of MediaRSS.
  • Consider LinkRel attribute.
  • Moved lots of actions to the menu.
  • Fixed HTML markup in titles.
  • Nicer items rendering.
  • Experimental "Unread items on top" mode.
  • Detect also non-namespaced "author" tags in RSS feeds.
  • Refactored database. Should be better and faster now.


  • Emit fileFinished() with QUrl rather than with QString.
  • Redesigned a bit the AddTorrent dialog.
  • Some UTF-8-related fixes.
  • Fixed incorrect size of folders in TorrentFilesModel.
  • Fast speed control now compatible with Summary.
  • Better handling of the version.
  • Reworked new torrent wizard a bit. Allow to select files now.
  • Don't remove old torrents when saving session.
  • Restructured the settings.
  • Fixed addition of paused torrents.
  • Fixed compilation on gcc 4.5.
  • Fixed segfault on Windows when BitTorrent is run for the first time.


  • Timer-based interface updates instead of event-based. Should be less CPU-hungry now.
  • Better error handling & notification about errors.
  • Take into account content-disposition and metadata from the replies.
  • Removed one obsolete now proxy model, should speed things up a little bit.
  • Moved some code to SecondInit() to avoid segfaults on some systems.
  • Long file names & other similar things handling in CSTP.
  • Show errors about failed files to the user.


  • Check for proper connection in CouldHandle.
  • Fixed a rare segfault on startup.


  • Fixed KeyInterceptor.
  • Proper initial volume.
  • Properly enqueue tasks.


  • Fixed a rare segfault when QNetworkReply could be deleted without emitting finished() or error() signal.


  • Renamed to Poshuku Browser.
  • Ask for page restore even if title is empty.
  • Handle well links to RSS/Atom feeds with empty/no titles.
  • Return proper tags for RoleTags in FavoritesModel.
  • Don't show tags that don't exist.
  • Properly check tags.
  • Add to history on title changes as well.
  • Show correct image in error page.
  • Check if passed plugin is a good one.
  • Fixed a possible segfault on misinitialization.
  • Save page position in session.
  • Fixed wrong init.
  • Better session saving.
  • Fixed random jumps.
  • Show More and External menus on action trigger as well.
  • Moved some actions to the Tools menu.
  • Autodiscovery has been rewritten with QWebElement API. Should detect external resources on more sites.
  • Moved Import/Export XBel actions to menu.
  • Correctly handle theme updates for Reload/Stop button.
  • Primitives antialiasing off by default now (extremely slow).
  • Correctly handle IP urls like ::1.
  • Fixed some bugs in Favorites with Flat to Folders proxy model. Should get rid of wrong tags after addition and such things.
  • Finally fixed Ctrl+C.
  • Error handling working on Qt ≥4.6.
  • Fixed handling of unknown schemes.
  • Propertly handle names/icons for first tab.
  • Saner size calculation for tab previews/thumbnails.
  • Correctly handle percent-encoded URLs.
  • Fixed handling of non-UTF URLs.
  • Working GMail (though not working password manager for now).
  • Migrated to hook-based slots.

Poshuku CleanWeb

  • Correctly reject the filtered connection and return a valid reply.
  • Slight optimization: don't check against the filters if originatingObject() is null.
  • Optimization: don't check data: uris.
  • Fixed segfaults when clicking on the "Load flash" button.
  • Notifications about successful addition of a new subscription.


  • Fixed segfaults on errors.
  • Fixed rare segfault in StartupFirstPage by initializing header only after model has been populated.


  • Fixed/updated vkontakte's audio regexps.
  • Removed some old and outdated stuff.
  • Correctly work with cp1251 encoding and cyrillic names.
  • Context menu and action to copy URL to clipboard.
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