Bugfixes since 0.3.60 and a couple of new plugins


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ChangeLog 0.3.65

New features


  • Handler choice dialog with path history and auto-suggestion.
  • Redesigned interface a bit.
  • Redesigned the Summary tab.
  • Embedding actions and menus from the plugins into Tools menu.
  • Moved Plugin Manager to the Settings Dialog.
  • Cleared away almost all the buttons from the main toolbar.
  • Persistent tabs are moveable as well.
  • Option to automatically accept tasks with only one handler and no downloaders.
  • Show plugins' icons in handler choice dialog.
  • Application-wide close button.
  • "Close all but current" action.
  • Added shortcuts to Quit (F10) and Preferences (Ctrl+P).
  • Added IDownload::KillTask() to the Interfaces.


  • Full MediaRSS support (except restrictions).
  • GeoRSS support with a link to Google Maps.
  • Support adding OPML feeds and settings from an importer plugin.
  • Support for common OPML-based feed options like update interval etc.
  • Fetching OPML feeds from remote web servers.
  • Export to FB2 format.
  • Support feed: scheme.
  • Changeable color and font of unread items and channels.
  • Open links via internal browser if no browser plugin is present.
  • Regulatable (and rememberable) width of the Category Selector.
  • Kill stalled task instead of updating further.


  • <strong>New plugin:</strong> KDE-based UNIX-only crash handler.


  • Rebirth of the plugin, fixed searching.
  • Use a browser plugin if it's present to show lyrics (optional).

New Life

  • <strong>New plugin:</strong> Import settings from various programs.
  • Support Akregator feeds and settings.
  • Support Liferea feeds.


  • Added flv to the list of default extensions.


  • Favorites checker.
  • Restore zoom factor, reload interval and load notification status on session restore.
  • Show favicons in favorites list.
  • Unified Reload/Stop button.

Poshuku CleanWeb

  • FlashOnClick: blocks unwanted flash.
  • Whitelist for FlashOnClick.
  • Neat menu for FlashOnClick.


  • <strong>New plugin:</strong> audio/video client.
  • Support for downloading and/or streaming audio.
  • Support for downloading and/or streaming video.
  • Configurable search categories for both audio and video.
  • Filter out same audios.
  • Good error reporting.



  • Fixed out-of-sync selection and current index in the Summary.
  • Startup wizards use Modern style now.
  • Better error handling in handler choice dialog.
  • Correctly handle spaces in categories.
  • Support .svg icons without the .mapping file.
  • Clean duplicate cookies.
  • Unify search categories in the summary.
  • Apply new iconset only if it's different from previous.
  • Apply new app style only if it's different from pervious.
  • Apply new app style on startup only if it's different from default style.
  • Be more conservative on icon search. Saves ~1 MB RAM on Oxygen theme.
  • Fixed icon & translation loading on Windows.
  • More initialization moved to run-time. Saves startup time.


  • Fixed channel titles surrounded by \r\n.
  • Fixed segfault on last item removal.
  • Fixed double initialization in OPML importing.
  • Toggling channel read/unread is much much faster now.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Don't add items which would be truncated anyway.
  • Use correct URL after feed addition from another plugin and URL alteration.
  • Correctly set tags in exproted OPMLs.
  • Suggest right output dir in OPML export.
  • Fixed compatibility with Qt 4.6.
  • Always use external browser by default now.


  • Fixed segfault when trying to remove an item not belonging to BitTorrent.
  • Fixed segfault when removing many torrents at once under high load.
  • Fixed negative progress numbers in files tab.


  • Fixed a very rare segfault with delayed notifications on KDE.
  • Fixed some initialization to the main loop. Speeds up application start.


  • Correcly wait for the watcher thread to finish on Release.


  • Moved JS objects initialization. Fixes segfaults and the password manager.
  • Queued fill of forms. Fixes a rare segfault.
  • Small code fixes.
  • Higher change of tabs being restored.
  • Fixed history truncater by number of items in SQLite.
  • Don't show the animated AJAX-style icon.
  • Removed the text from the progress bar.

Poshuku CleanWeb

  • Don't return a blank page, just drop a request. Fixes infinite recursion on lists blocking about:blank.
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