The first milestone towards the 0.4.0

No issues for this version

ChangeLog 0.3.60

New features


  • Allow to clear cache and cookies.
  • Show settings dialog as a tree instead of combobox + list.
  • Reworked the task handler selector:
    • Show more user-friendly and sensible name for a binary entity.
    • Don't suggest the task generator.
    • Smarter selector, only suggests handlers or downloaders sometimes.
    • Support multiple search tabs, the name of the tab is the category (ies).
  • Support for startup wizards from plugins.
  • Allow to filter out tracking cookies.
  • Detect PQSQL availability at runtime and disallow selecting PostgreSQL storage backends if it's unavailable.
  • Added the -type command-line switch.
  • Application-wide context-dependent action to open new tab.
  • Allow to select multiple items in Summary and perform something on all of the selected ones.
  • Show context menus in the Summary tab.
  • Toolbars now have names.
  • Enhanced Plugins Manager.
  • Added (hideable) menu.
  • Added some menus to the tray.
  • Made the tabbar much more slim.
  • Set the application version.
  • "About" and "About Qt" dialogs.


  • Startup wizard which allows to configure storage parameters, backend and add some predefined feeds.
  • Moved some actions for items to the context menu, like "Subscribe to comments".
  • Category selector on the right part of the screen for feeds that have categories.
  • Support iTunes podcasts RSS extensions.
  • Allow to automatically download enclosures.
  • Smoother switching of items.
  • Show some actions in the context menu for the feeds.
  • Allow out-of-order items in Atom feeds.


  • Allow to add peers.
  • Allow to add and remove HTTP/web seeds.
  • Checkboxes on folders when adding a torrent.
  • Reworked the tab widget — nicer everything.
  • Configurable fast speed controller.
  • Peers banlist.
  • Better files view, allowing to set priorities for multiple files at once and much more.
  • Startup wizard which allows to configure some basic settings.
  • Allow to create magnet URIs.
  • Show some actions in the context menu for the tasks.


  • The simple IRC client.


  • Store tags for the task.


  • Support removing multiple elements.


  • The FTP plugin.


  • Allow to play (stream) from remote URLs as well.


  • Filter.


  • Allow to search from the page via LeechCraft's search architecture.
  • Allow to notify about page loads.
  • Reload timer.
  • Allow to disable tracking link-history (though tracking usual history).
  • Editing bookmarks, including title, URL and tags, via right-click.
  • Much more actions are available via the right mouse button.
  • Smarter find (if the text was selected).
  • Nicer progressbar, more slim and shows percentage and loaded/total size of the page.
  • Use own user-agent.


  • Basically works with QWebClient.


  • Use common tags database instead of own categories.
  • Startup wizard which allows to add some predefined channels.



  • Optimized MergeModel.
  • Fixed Plugin Manager on some amd64 systems.
  • Fixed selecting Russian and Arabic translations.
  • Ask to restart only if language has really changed.
  • Allow to add URLs.


  • 2x performance boost on channels switch.
  • Really update items when channel is marked (un)read so that they trigger their state just right after that.
  • Still load if storage backend fails. Allow to set storage backend settings after that.
  • Got rid of some warnings from the PostgreSQL backend type.


  • Fixed segfaults on peers tab.
  • Selection follows the torrent when it's moved in the queue.
  • Correcly select files to download on addition.
  • Don't try to rename a file if its name hasn't changed.
  • Torrent creation segfaults.


  • Fixed parsing URLs in redirects.


  • Move focus to the tab contents after load only if the tab is visible.
  • Try to handle ftp: and mailto: links before opening them externally.
  • Don't restore empty pages.
  • Fixed percent-encoding of items in autodiscovery.
  • Still load if storage backend fails. Allow to set storage backend settings after that.
  • Fixed completion of URLs with empty history.
  • Slight optimization of load event.


  • Save approx. 9 kb per filter entry. Saves ~45 MiB on Morpeh filter list.


  • Actually install the translator.
  • More usable error messages.
  • Fixed segfault when tagging with no selection.