Bug #2050

Incorrect IRC connection settings causing infinite IRC retries

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As an example, try connecting to (the correct one is 6697), SSL enabled.

Acetamide tries to connect to this address infintely, getting and error and trying again. The only way to stop this is to restart LC.

Acetamide shall probably figure out the human error, or at least stop after either forcing the account to go offline or some fixed number of retries.


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My case of recursive IRC retries caused by incorrect configuration.

On modal window represented namesrever command (/msg %nameserver% identity SAlN NNNN),
on this modal I didn't delete `%%nameserver%%` in field with caption 'nameserver'.
On other tabs represented current IRC-account config I filled server: ``, port: `7070` and group: `linuxbbq`.
During recursive IRC retries I went to Azoth modal what sit inside common Leech window and set status to 'disconnected'.
And I two times tried to add any other group (like #group) but didn't find where in menus JOINING in the group was appearing.


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